Michael Wadada about Caspar McCloud

24 Jun

From Michael Wadada

World music / Suns of Arqa

I met Caspar when I was living in Greenwich Village, New York. I was working for Mink Deville at the time, and Caspar was working in the same studio. We got on very well together and he asked me if I would help with recordings he was doing at Electric Lady Land Studios, with Michael Shrives of Santana and some of Shrives musician friends who were all impressed with Caspar’s musical gifts.

At the time of our recording sessions in NY, Caspar was performing as John Lennon, in
Beatlemania on Broadway. I went to see the show and Caspar’s performance was exceptional.
However, I did agree with Michael Shrieves that Caspar was wasting his talents and his own creativity on this Broadway production.

During this period Caspar also introduced me to Robert Fripp of King Crimson. I remember this vividly as Fripp was dressed in a pin-stripe suite and carrying a brief case and a Les Paul guitar!

As I recall at that time Caspar had told me he met Peter Gabriel when he lived in England previously and Gabriel saw the talent in him and encouraged him to do his first recordings. Apparently Gabriel also took his demo tapes to London and tried to get his label Charisma to sign the young Caspar at that time.

I helped Caspar find a place to live near me in Manchester after we both moved back to England shortly after our time spent in NYC.
It was then that I finished producing Caspar’s “Messin Round” 45 single on my new Rock Steady Label. I was also managing his career at this time and got him a deal with Sir Richard Branson at Virgin Records as well as booking him to play a number of concert dates. Unfortunately around this time Caspar had some tragic personal events that prevented him from continuing working and his health began to suffer as well.
He recovered some time later and ended up on Atlantic records when he again suffered the loss of his dad being murdered which ultimately ended his deal with Atlantic.

Caspar is a uniquely talented musician and artist who I have had the pleasure of knowing for over thirty years. He is a very kind and genuine man, who because of his love of Jesus Christ and his calling to serve his fellow man, walked away from the music business and found salvation in the Lord.
Yours faithfully,
Michael Wadada

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