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29 Oct
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I do my best to avoid the so called conspiracy theories as I prefer to focus and share the life saving Gospel with just the facts. However, there are several pieces of the end time prophetic puzzle that need to be considered and which at first glance don’t always appear to fit neatly into our perceptions of reality, causing a paradigm shift. For example it certainly make life’s complex decisions easier to evaluate if we had conclusive proof on a number of strange mysteries and historical questions like who built the Pyramids? What really happened in the 1947 crash and cover up in Roswell New Mexico? Who really murdered JFK, and was it because he threaten to expose the secret societies? Was Marilyn Monroe killed for being involved with JFK? Who really was behind the 9/11 tragedies? Is there a shadow world government orchestrating end time events today? When will disclosure of the UFO phenomena happen before or after the Rapture? Are we the generation the Lord Jesus/Yeshua said would see his return? Is there a connection unfolding today linking all these events together? Could the mystery behind such events as the sinking of the Titanic play into this? Did someone or some sinister organisation plan it that way? There are numbers of scholars and researchers who appear to believe there may be a link here we ought to know about. How is it some of the greatest tragedies in the last two hundred years are continually traced back to the Jesuits? Do we follow the money trail to discover the truth?
The book ‘The Secret Terrorists’ published by Truth Triumphant Ministries and reprinted by Tree of Life Resources indicates the Roman Catholic Order known as the Jesuits are a connection that needs much examining. Consider the strange events that orchestrated a Jesuits becoming the newest Pope.
The Jesuits became an order of the Roman Catholics when it was politically beneficial for Ignatius Loyola to do so in 1534. The order was also more then a wee bit zealous in opposing the Reformation that was occurring at that time. Being rooted in political gain the Jesuits have become an important influence in Catholic thought and education since the late 1700’s. All around the world the Jesuits are in nearly every country having established numerous Jesuit colleges and ministries.
However, a modest amount of historical research reveals there is a very dark hidden side to ‘the Society of Jesus.’ Evidence connects them to hundreds of years where they may have carried out religious assassinations. In a similar way there seems so many mysterious deaths connected to the friends of the Clinton’s and their Foundation.
Back in 1910, we learned there were seven men who were suppose to go on a hunting trip and who met in secret on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia. It appears they hunted a different kind of game and came together to plan the Federal Reserve Bank. Mr. Nelson Aldrich and Mr. Frank Valderclip came to represent the Rockefeller financial empire. Mr. Henry Davidson, Mr. Charles Norton and Mr. Benjamin Strong came to represent J.P. Morgan. Mr. Paul Warberg came to represent the Rothschild’s Banking dynasty of Europe. Keeping in mind the Rothschild’s were clearly the banking agents representing the Jesuits and held the purse strings to the great wealth of the Roman Catholic Church.’ These men came up with a scheme and I am sure it was not all their own ideas as something invisible helped with the process. Because their efforts created the Federal Reserve Banking System that caused numerous troubles ever since.
The so called 1% Wall street international bankers have been behind much mischief and the horrors of wars.
Mr. Hitler and the SS were financed by U.S. firms like Henry Ford and General Electric. In fact the SS were modeled after the Jesuits.
U.S. multi-national corporations being controlled by Wall Street made fortunes from Hitler’s military construction in the 1930’s.
Mr. Paul Warburg controlled America’s war efforts and his brother Max controlled Germany’s, how nice to keep it all in the family. Mr. Henry Ford received a Nazi medal for his help in putting Hitler in power. There are also some indications showing President Roosevelt also made enormous profits financing Hitler. How incredibly sad to learn such things.
Let’s just say that the Rockefellers and Warburg family along with Morgan and Chase banks who all happened to be Globalist and own the Federal Reserve System do not have your best interest at heart and never did.
In other words these super elitist continue to finance both sides of the military conflicts in the world today. Just as the Illuminati has apparently gone in and helped cause such troubles in Russia in times past to take the Czars out of power and were behind the French revolution. Who benefited from such horrors of war? Not any nations did. But I digress, the meeting at Jekyll Island had the appearance that the Morgan’s, Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller were all in fierce competition to each other like the Republicans and Democrats today. However, they all came together like the elites at Bohemian Grove do each year and participate in dark practices. These men on Jekyll Island established the national banking cartel called the Federal Reserve Banking System and easily lure politicians with back room deals and funding until they positioned themselves to control most of the world’s cash.
Consider the fact that the Rothschilds, Morgans and Rockefellers are beholding to the Jesuit Order who is able to call the shots behind the scenes. We are observing the ancient biblical prophesy unfolding here with the one world government and religion.
Long story, short it appears only a few wealthy gentlemen stood in opposition to their plans. Mr. Benjamin Guggenheim, Mr. Isa Strauss and Mr. John Jacob Astor all firmly opposed the formation of a Federal Reserve Banking System. These men were also some of the wealthiest men in the world in their day and they were all that stood in the way of the Jesuits’ sinister plans. They had to find a way to destroy Guggenheim, Strauss and Astor so that no one would come to suspect they were murdered, and no one would suspect the Jesuits. ‘“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”― Walter Scott, Marmion
How could they be eliminated without anyone becoming suspicious? Would anyone believe these men would commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head as a long list of friends of certain corrupt politicians today have done? The same unclean spirit at Jekyll Island continues to work in willing vessels today with those who desire to destroy the constitutional liberty in America and bring the Pope to a place of world domination.’ (See Revelation 17 and 18)
Mr. J.P. Morgan took over control of the White Star Lines which was a prominent British shipping company. The Jesuits then ordered J.P. Morgan to build the luxury liner called the Titanic.
Mr. Benjamin Guggenheim, Mr. Isa Strauss and Mr. John Jacob Astor were all then manipulated to come aboard the so called unsinkable floating palace. Considering how all three of these gentlemen were not only enemies of the Jesuits standing against a Federal Reserve Banking system, but they would have certainly used their great wealth and influence to oppose the Jesuits plan for World War I. Interestingly as a side note the up and coming evangelist Mr. John G Lake who the Lord would later use in numerous documented healing miracles was invited by Mr. W. T. Stead to take the maiden voyage of a once in a life-time excursion that would make history. Mr. Lake at this time had many relationships with some of the leading figures of his day such as railroad tycoon, Mr. James J. Hill, Mr. Cecil Rhodes, Mr. Mahatma Gandi, Mr. Arthur Conan Doyle, (author of Sherlock Holmes) and also befriended by magician Mr. Harry Houdini.
Mr. Lakes friend Mr. W.T. Stead was the editor of the largest newspaper in London at this time and wrote daily editorials of the awe-inspiring happenings at the Welsh Revival. The Lord instructed John G. Lake to not get on the H.M.S. Titanic. (Her Majesty’s Ship) Sadly Mr. W.T. Stead never returned from that historic voyage along with all the others who must have been considered ‘expendable’ people; when the planners of the tragedy designed their plot.
Turns out Captain Edward Smith who was in charge of the H.M.S. Titanic was also a Jesuit and worked for Mr. J.P. Morgan. At this time anyone could become a Jesuit and keep their identity a secret. (See National Geographic ‘The Secrets of the Titanic – 1986)
What I find particularly interesting here is that when the Titanic left Southampton habour in southern England, one of the most influential Jesuits in all of Ireland at the time was sailing with her. Catholic Priest Francis Browne appears to have come on board the Titanic, and then in true Illuminati fashion goes about taking photographs of the victims who sailed on her. Did he also give Captain Edward Smith final instructions and remind him of his oath to the Jesuit’s order before getting of the ship the next morning? Some researcher believe Captain Smith held this high-ranking ‘Jesuit General Priest Francis Browne in the highest of regards.
Did Browne give him final instructions to sink the Titanic? After all the Jesuits have an uncanny manner of dealing with high finances and operating behind the scenes, all the while they are quite accomplished at seeming very inconspicuous. Could Brown have shared information according to the Jesuit secret philosophies with Captain Smith? Did he convey how the innocent can be massacred for the greater good; that the ends justifies the means? Lets consider the facts Captain Smith was a most experienced master having travelled the North Atlantic for at least 26 years.
Did Captain Smith know at this point that his ship was constructed as a death trap for the enemies of the Jesuits? Why would he take his ship full speed at 22 knots on a moonless night into an area he was certain was filled with icebergs? It is reported by witnesses that Captain Smith’s actions in his last hours were to lead from behind. Captain Smith’s appeared to be a man wrestling with his conscience as the ship was starting to sink. Was it accidentally on purpose that there were not enough lifeboats? How was it that the lifeboats that were used only had a few passengers of women and children during emergency evacuation?
The facts as we have them today is the crew used White distress flares being jettisoned at this point so any passing ships would assume the Titanic were having a lovely party. Distress flares were traditionally the colour Red not White. The unsinkable Titanic took to its watery grave all those wealthiest of men, who stood in opposition to the Federal Reserve Banking System, along with the middle and lower classes of the expendable commoners. Yes all those Deplorable people nudge, nudge, say no more. However, Mr. John Jacob Astor’s wife Mrs. Molly Brown was somehow saved in a life boat as the ship sank to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean in one of the greatest disaster of the 20th Century excepting for the two world wars that were to follow.
One reason it seems the Obama administration was so determined to give control of the internet away to the U.N is to hinder the flow of such information being exchanged in future. Just as history records show all opposition to the Federal Reserve was eliminated by the sinking of the unsinkable Titanic on the 14th of April 1912, which interestingly enough is also the same day in 1865 that president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Coincidence? By December of 1913, the Federal Reserve Banking System was established as a private bank in the United States of America. Providing the Jesuits sufficient funding through the Federal Reserve Bank to launch World War I and think no one will ever trace their tracks back to the crime scene.
Ecclesiastes 8:11,” Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”
We understand today how the wealthy and powerful have been used to create numerous stage events and international crisis in the same way they purposely caused the Stock Market crash in 1929 causing the suffering of the Great Depression. The super elite wealthy planned orchestrations made them greater fortunes during the crash whilst the lesser investors lost everything. For those watchmen on the wall we are observing the mainstream propaganda agenda once again unfolding with similar spiritual fingerprints on the American presidential election. Pray the Lord will be done!
The Lord Jesus/Yeshua said in John 10:27,” My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:” Fight back overcomers, trust Papa God for every detail and stay in faith! Jesus said in Luke 21:15, “For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.’ I say hallelujah! Because “All”, things are possible with God! I pray the Lord’s supernatural peace, healing, provision and protection cover you always with oceans of agape love in the almighty name of Jesus/Yeshua!
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Praying For The Nation

18 Oct

Papa God, I pray in the almighty name of Jesus/Yeshua that you hear our hearts and hear our prayers this day, and receive us as we come to you just as we are. I ask you to forgive us as a nation and release us from the sins and iniquities of our fathers, going all the way back to Adam on both sides of our generations. Forgive us of our personal sins and our trespasses as we forgive all those who have hurt us and offended us and trespass against us. My God and my King, heal us this day, heal our families, protect and heal this nation. Allow your servants to perform supernatural healing and miracles in your almighty name that many will come to you in these last days and receive salvation .

Save us Lord and save our families and friends as we pray for our enemies and those who spitefully use us. Save us from those corrupt leaders on the world stage who purpose and chose to served the devil and his fallen kingdom. Save us from those leaders who would be willing to engage in a Nuclear war rather then losing their positions of authority and have their evil plans exposed.  Hinder all they do that it amounts to nothing and protect us from the chants of witches and warlocks and all those who embrace the erroneous global  agenda and who desire for evil to rule America and the world.

Wake up your sleeping church that they may understand and enable us to do what you have instructed us to do. My Lord, regard not the iniquities of your people. May Your mercy, love and grace overshadow us now. Heal us personally and heal and restore those broken hearts and broken marriages; heal our children. Heal our churches and save us from those who preach another gospel with their smooth talking seeker friendly messages of grace on steroids. Speak through your true ministers to preach fearlessly the whole Gospel truth that signs and wonders shall follow.

Bring us only political leaders who have surrendered to you and shall serve you with all their hearts. Heal our nation Lord from the filth and deceptions of the entertainment industry. My God, let your salvation be spread from sea to sea in every nation on earth from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun. Let the earth be filled now with the knowledge of the eternal living Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Messiah Yeshua. Lord God, we pray that this planet shall be inhabited in your righteousness. I pray your Holy Spirit move in our midst; convict us of sin; and deliver us from all evil. That you might heal our land and spare us from the coming great deception of the Nephilim agendas with lying signs and wonders and all the works of darkness. Papa God I thank you for being here in our midst having the Holy Spirit guiding us in all things as we submit to you. Lord, you are the Lord of our hearts. We are your people, the sheep of Your pasture. Bring the lost ones back into your fold. Because your mercy endureth forever. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Thank You, Papa God. Hear our prayer, Send Your Holy Spirit to overtake us with the blessings on Abraham.

Thank You, Papa God. We give you all our praise, thanksgiving and worship. All things are possible with you God! I pray the Lord’s supernatural peace, healing, provision and protection cover all those in agreement here always with oceans of agape love in the almighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
In His love

Pastor Caspar