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Dr. Kerry M. Severin writes about Caspar McCloud

24 Jun

I came across this article recently about Caspar McCloud being a rock star turned phony preacher by Rebecca  Mesiner from the Scene Magazine. I happen to know Caspar pretty well and I was able to meet with him the other day and ask him if he knew about this article floating around the internet. He did.

It is interesting to me that he makes no attempt to defend himself from the cruel things Ms. Mesiner writes  about him. Caspar only said he was praying for her and asked the Lord to not hold this charge against her. When I pressed him for more information, he simply said Jesus Christ of Nazareth did not answers back his accusers, Christ  is my example to follow so I have nothing more to say about this.

Well the facts are Ms. Mesiner never met Caspar. However, I have known him for fifteen years. I first met Caspar back stage at a Phil Keaggy concert in March of 1995. Phil was the one that lead Caspar to the Lord. Phil has asked Caspar to play with him in concert a number of times over the years, and when Phil introduced us and we soon became friends.

So let me examine some facts here. Ms. Mesiner has a young Caspar McCloud running miles and miles barefoot through the snow and ice to ask his teenage girl friend to take him back after they broke up. Do you think someone running through miles of ice and snow barefoot for hours and hours just might get ‘frostbite”, and lose their feet? The truth here is Ms Mesiner seems to have a wild imagination or the former teenage girl friend does. Either way not very responsible reporting.

The fact is that just never happened at all. So what else was simply made up here or exaggerated? Yes he did legally change his name as a teenager, countless artist change their names in show business what the big deal?

In his book that Ms. Mesiner is attacking here, “Nothing is Impossible”, Caspar tells us at the beginning he was born in America. Then moved to England, his first 45 single he recorded there “Messin Round”, on the Rock Steady Label is still sought after today by record collectors, stating it to be one of the best songs of it’s time, who will easily pay over $100.00 for a copy.

The facts are that he was one of the original cast members of Beatlmania. Unfortunately, due to his health problems, that was starting to manifest itself at this point, he found it very difficult to continue the demanding schedule of being on Broadway and he made the decision to withdraw from the position. Shortly after Beatlemania, Caspar’s health improved for a while and he became the only former Beatlemania cast member signed to Atlantic Records by the CEO of Atlantic Records, Amhet Etrgun who also became his producer. That alone tells me that Caspar had considerable talent in all areas of performing.

I thought it was interesting that Caspar was referred to as a “phony preacher”. The bible ( old and new testament ) is filled with stories of people that did not start out their life serving God ( some definitely the opposite ), but at a point in their life yielded to God’s calling and soon found themselves serving God and those that God brought into their life. This is seen from the book of Ruth in the old testament to the apostle Paul in the new testament. A modern day example is the recent salvation of one of the original members of Korn ( I recently heard that the drummer of Korn also became a born again Christian ). Caspars’ main focus is how he can serve God, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit and share this love with others with the compassion that Jesus taught. Considering the way the world is today, that sounds like a pretty good thing. Caspar was recently invited to discuss the Bible with some legendary rock stars friends of his, as they are starting to desire what Caspar found in faith. What good is it to gain the whole world but lose your very soul?

Could it be that God is using Caspar to share in areas that many could not reach.

Caspar has an amazing testimony that has gone around the world to show that Jesus Christ is alive and well and still doing miracles. Caspar died of heart disease in 2001 at a service at Pleasant Valley Church and Pastor Henry Wright, (along with the whole congregation who were witnesses), prayed over Caspar and he came back to life totally healed. Caspars’ healing was also medically witnessed by a nurse and an M.D. who both testified that Caspar did not have a heart beat. His healing was later medically documented by his cardiologist. For the people that have never heard of modern day occurrences of coming back from the dead there are a few books that I know of that also document this. One is by James Rutz called Mega Shift and another is by Don Piper called 90 Minutes In Heaven.

Unfortunately, Ms. Mesiner did not tell the truth when she went to interview the elderly couple that took the young Caspar in as a troubled teenager. She borrowed from them all the old recordings and memorabilia that they had collected over the many years that Caspar sent them and has never bothered to return any of them as she promised to do several years ago before she wrote this unfortunate article.

On another note, according to the elderly couple, Ms. Mesiner was so uninformed at the time of the interview that she assumed all Christians were Catholics.  This sort of helps to explain the overall feeling of the article. Perhaps she thought Caspar was a Jew who changed his name and defected from their ranks. Caspar has made no secret that on his mothers side his great grandfather was a Rabbi in London England, and on his fathers side of the family that they were European protestant.

Ms. Mesiner’s article is not really aimed at Caspar, it’s aimed at Christianity itself. I believe God let her write this article so that she would be brought to the fore front to have the Christian world pray for her salvation.

Caspar is a good and kind man who has had more than his fair share of tragic events in his life especially having his father murdered at such a time in his life when he was just starting to make an impact in the world of music. Where is the love and compassion in an article like this for those who have suffered such a loss in their life? In the book of Leviticus in the old testament in chapter nineteen, verse sixteen, it reads, “you shall not go about as a slanderer”. But Jesus did say that there would be false accusations against his followers.

Ms. Mesiner, I will keep you in prayer.


Kerry M. Severin