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A British rock star turned celebrity preacher is really

24 Jun

Sunday, June 13, 2010
A British rock star turned celebrity preacher is really just a …
I recently ran across some articles written by a Rebecca Mesiner who is supposed to be a professional journalist. What you see and read in all of the articles is how she carefully knits to a design she has written that seems to have a rhythm, a script and a pattern that she uses as a template to gently guide the reader up on a doves wings to crescendo in the clouds of climactic heights. And Then, drops the bottom out on an express elevator to hell in her hand woven basket! She even uses the same formulae each time, using the same catch phrases like “swaggered into the room”. They sound like a bad line given in a bar and a grandiose, egocentric creepy rant! It appears Ms. Mesiner really has nothing good to say about anyone when you review the body of her written articles. In fact she has gone out of her way to falsely accuse and shame just about everyone and everything she has written about that has gone to print from music stars to restaurant owners.

This occurred in more than one article. Being the fearless heroin — poser, she can back hand a complement behind a former president (not to his face) about his looks while trashing those standing in line to meet Him. Her arrogance is shown trying to show how awkwardly dumb “the little people” are (by kicking them in the knees) due to they’re standing in line all night like fools. In another article called “A British rock-star-turned-celebrity-preacher is really just a schmuck from Cleveland Heights”According to one source an elderly couple named Peter and Heidi Spencer who she interviewed a few years ago about a man named Caspar McCloud-who changed His name to start a new life ( due to a bad childhood).

What was the big deal about? He was traveling back and forth from England to Ohio, later was going to star in Beatlemania as John Lennon and instead made a decision to be signed on to a record label later going on to become a church and street Preacher. And even if Caspars name i’snt on the old beatlemania roster, that does not negate the fact that he was there on stage, was hired, but changed his mind before rehersals were really underway. Everyone states Caspar was in fact there. Or why is this a well known issue? People are of different opinions as they are in variety of remembering the color and make of a get-away car from a bank and of the time of day!!

Upon detailed research, She lied to them about why she wanted to interview them. They said Ms. Mesiner would never return some things she “borrowed” from them that she claimed she needed to help her write her foul article which consisted of some sought after collector items of recordings and memorabilia of a friend of theirs. Not only that, it seems she did the article for a close friend of hers as a vendetta for her breakup with Caspar years earlier. Because Ms. Mesiner can become reckless as she went on her self-appointed assignment to find some dirt, exaggerate facts and generally tried Her best skills at seeking out a story to create “drama” while causing as much damage as she could. In this case there was a death involved with a court case. Caspar McCloud is a musician and former recording artist for Atlantic Records who became a Preacher helping the street poor and lifting peoples spirits while creating family quality concerts.

When she could not find enough dirt on him she just started making things up flagrantly trying to open closed wounds without a care in the world but how good she looks tearing down anyone for her glory as a “journalist”. Then she pulled the “Jew” word.. and she is Jewish too! Then she enlisted a former beatlemania actor who seems eager to have had a grudge to fuel her fire and try to “justify” her overblown journalism. He was just another pawn in her game like Dale, the editor of House2House and The Georgia Christian Alliance, the state’s largest Christian lobbying group-Mrs Sadie Fields who basically states no one can have a near death experience and get spiritually right in an ER… I know one thing for sure… Ask a former active duty military veteran war serviceman about how everyone starts praying to anything in a fox-hole during a deadly fire-fight, and you’ll get a positive response every time!

We have seen many jealous actors and musicians play and fight against another to make their light shine a little brighter. Just look at the wars between pop-stars who are too close alike! And “believability” is hard in this world as it is!!! The fact is — that most people would find it hard to believe that a person they know met Elvis Presley backstage at a 1973 concert in Hawaii..or that He went to a hospital room in Memphis Tenn to uplift the spirits of a little girl who had a head injury just before a concert. They just can’t believe things that they don’t experience. And I know it’s hard too! But the fact is that someone does met stars and play guitar with Gene Simons of Kiss in a studio in NY if your in the right place and time. Things do occur. The last stars I was talking too was Sharon Stone in Las Vegas & Patty Labelle in Atlanta GA.

People in this world need a doctor!- Not self centered glory hounds! Isn’t it more important what someone is doing today to help make the world a better place then whatever they did so many years ago? Everyone deserves a second chance! I like to ask what is Ms, Mesiner doing to help this trouble world when her articles are so heavy laden with negativity? Can she actually be without any “sin” in her life that enables her to cast the first stone at someone else? OK, several stones at the masses… But “dirt is cheap next to the —dump”. And what does go around — comes around. And as the old saying goes, “The one who smelt it is the one who dealt it”.

I have grant to an email from Ms. Heidi Spencer (an elderly lady) who said “that reporter Rebecca Mesiner should be sued for the slanderous things she wrote about their friend and how she misquoted the things they shared with her deceiving them into believing she was writing something positive about their friend Caspar”They also said Ms. Mesiner would not even so much as return any of their numerous phone calls to her after they discovered the article she wrote and published on the internet when all they really wanted was for her to return the things she “ borrow” from them.

I searched the internet and recently discovered that Rebecca Mesiner lost a past beauty contest for the sexiest reporter in Cleveland Ohio. That is not really so surprising, maybe the judges actually did their job here, because after you read some of her articles, like some that appear in the Scene Magazine she has written for, you quickly discover that Ms. Mesiner is really one of the ugly, self seeking, self centered thinking people in this world. Because, “Ugly thoughts equal ugly actions!”

I suppose like most of the “mean girls” (remember that 2004 movie)? and ugly acting people in this world, Ms. Mesiner just goes about littering and expects someone else to clean up the mess she made. This reminds me of the BP oil situation in the Gulf as is pollutes the earths waters, kills sea life and rare land animals. So now I must take the time to write this in hopes to expose her callous heart and tainted view of those people she writes about while trying to destroy their names and reputations, and generally stepping on them like the queen she is posing as.

So there you have it. Ms. Rebecca Mesiner had joined the league of one of the ugliest people in this world who attacks people with her articles with words like schmuck in her headlines showing her great skill and command of the English language as a want to be journalist. We really hope you get your act together someday and use your clever talents you do have to help make this world a better place with real hero journalism — without the fake drama!
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Saturday, June 12, 2010