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16 Sep
Caspar McCloud Band
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Impacting Now

Format(s): Christian, Christian RockGet It Now!WALKING IN AUTHORITY (Double Album with 24 new songs)“Now when they began to sing and to praise, the LORD set ambushes against the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; and they were defeated.” 2 Chronicles 20:22Here is what some are saying about Walking In Authority:“Caspar McCloud’s new 2-Disc CD Walking In Authority is incredible! What a dear brother in Christ. I think he’s totally out done himself on this one! This is truly a legacy anthology in my opinion, and a brilliant showcase of all of Caspar’s out of this world guitar ability and beautiful musical composition.” – Joe Horn, Musician and Host, SkyWatchTV“

This is the soundtrack to my life. Walking In Authority is incredible! So much thought had to have gone into this. I am so impressed by the music, the sound, the lyrics, the production – just all the way around. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t know it was going to be THIS good! I really, really like and recommend it. This is really intense, beyond Sunday school lyrics that deal with so many issues we’re familiar with – obviously spiritual warfare being one of them. And I love the artwork of the inside of the CD cover: the Shroud of Turin. Wow, amazing job, Pastor McCloud and band. Walking In Authority is an amazing album that just rocks!” Tom Dunn, Through the Black“

I love the sound of this album. I love the songs and the sound. It just soothes the soul. And the words…you’re really a great songwriter, and your words are very touching and moving along with the music that flows. It’s amazing. Keep up the great work, Caspar.” – Pastor Paul Begley, Paul Begley

“Caspar McCloud’s new double CD is chalked full of 24 new songs that are amazing and some of the best stuff Caspar’s ever put out. I’m a guitar player, and Caspar to me is like getting Joe Satriani talking to me about the bible. Listening to these lyrics is so edifying, and the music is so accessible. It’s not like normal praise and worship music. It is theologically sound, and the music is absolutely fantastic. His violin player, Renae Truex, is an amazing musician. His whole band is amazing musician. And I was so excited to hear one of my favorite drummers of all time, Carmine Appice, playing drums on one of the songs. That is a huge deal. It’s probably going to sell out everywhere. Pick this CD up and listen to it. Caspar’s done some solos that are fire – complete fire. Congrats Caspar on your great new CD.” – Kenny Seay, Musician, and Host, The Rock With Kenny Seay“

Caspar McCloud Band’s new CD Walking In Authority is theology in a two-CD set. This is fantastic stuff. I love it because my secret guilty pleasure is 1980s power pop. A lot of Caspar’s music sounds like the kind of stuff I was playing on the radio when I was a top 40s disc jockey back in the ‘80s – but with theology – good Christian theology doctrine – unlike a lot of praise and worship music which is just devoid of any meaningful lyrical content. It has great doctrine like what was in the hymns of old, but married with modern power pop – that is Caspar McCloud Band and Walking In Authority.” – Derek Gilbert, Author and Host, SkyWatchTV

“I don’t like to use the word commercial, but Walking In Authority is very commercial, it’s very playable, and it is very listenable. You need this in your car! Your children need to listen to this. These are the kind of lyrics you want them to hear. Yes! If Martin Luther had led a hair band, this is what you would have gotten.” – Sharon Gilbert, Author, and Host, SkyWatchTV“

We live in a crazy world where so much stuff is masquerading as Christian music, you have to ask yourself if there’s a whole lot of Jesus in the midst of it. There’s nothing more powerful than a life changed, and someone that sings to the Lord out of a life changed. My good buddy Pastor Caspar McCloud has produced a CD of unbelievable worship songs – warrior songs – praise and worship songs. Get Pastor McCloud’s music out to impact others with the true word of God.” – Coach Dave Daubenmire, Pass the Salt Ministries

“I highly recommend that everyone go out and get the new album from Pastor Caspar McCloud. It will change your life and lead you into repentance and a closer walk with Jesus. Start listening today.” – Tracy Fitch, N.P., Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center

“My good friend Caspar McCloud just put out a new CD with his band called Walking In Authority, and that is what the church of Jesus Christ is going to have to do if we’re going to take this nation back for Christ. So I encourage you to follow Pastor McCloud on his YouTube channels and all of his other venues. Get his CD and start walking in authority. God bless!” – Dr. John Diamond, Host, America Unhinged Radio

“Caspar is one of a kind. There is no other band like the Caspar McCloud Band. One thing that is amazing, from my perspective, is there are hidden truths and mysteries that are revealed in many of his songs, but there is a special prophetic anointing on his music of knowing the time and period we live in. Everybody knows that music bypasses the brain and goes right to the heart. Caspar McCloud Band and Caspar are on point. When we understand who we are in Christ and what is to happen in the days ahead, we need to be walking in authority and pouring into our spirit through the Word of God first and foremost. But when we listen to music, it should be something that is ministering to our spirit. Get your hands on Caspar’s new album. You will not regret it.”– Pastor Niel Peterson, Harvest Revival Center Church

“I know Caspar McCloud personally, and he is a remarkable musician and person. Walking In Authority is a remarkable work. Church: you need to get hold of this! There are a lot of truth-tellers pictured on the album cover walking in the same authority and have his back saying we stand with you, Caspar, because you are standing with He who is true, and we are going to spread that truth whether or not people desire to hear it because as ambassadors of Christ we’ve been commissioned to teach all things He’s commanded of us. We’re going to tell that truth. We’re going to spread that truth and we’re going to stand behind Caspar as he spreads this truth. I encourage you to have the courage to play this in your church, play this in your home, to buy this album for yourself and your children, and literally have this truth become a part of you as I and others on this album cover have. Will you stand for truth with Caspar today?” – Randy Conway, Christian Poet, and Author

“Check out Caspar McCloud Band. Not only are they brilliant as far as what they have to tell you, but the music is absolutely amazing, soul-touching. Everyone needs to hear this and should share this far and wide because it’s something that can inspire others to do more; to do what they can for mankind; to find God; to find love, and this is what it’s all about. Music is not only here to touch our hearts, it’s here to give us information and to spread love and unity around the world. So make sure that you check out Caspar McCloud Band.” – Duncan MacGregor

The way things are unfolding prophetically on the world stage today, wouldn’t it be a good idea to play Caspar McCloud Band music in heavy rotation on your station? In all seriousness, not many artists are up to the challenge of sounding the alarm. Imagine standing before the Lord Jesus someday in the near future and explaining why you didn’t help get the message out when you had the opportunity. “But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” Ezekiel 33:6  

 “O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.” Psalms 95:1.

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