Heresy Hunters – Weasels in our Midst!

28 Feb

Heresy Hunters – Weasels in our Midst!

by lamarzulli

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Gonzo Shimura sent me an a link to a Heresy Hunter web site.  (See below)  It’s called Ephesians 511 Blog spot.  In my opinion whoever is running this  trash is a weasel and here’s why!

The person never identifies him or herself as they post the most inflammatory and demeaning articles that are essentially hit pieces and character assassinations.

Gonzo was never contacted to get his side of the story.  Of course Doug Hamp, Tom Horn, Chuck Missler and L. A. Marzulli weren’t contacted either.  This self righteous modern-day-pharisee just blasts away at whoever happens to be in his or hers sights at the  moment.  I’m being excoriated for posting articles in favor of the Shroud of Turin.

Doug Hamp and you are planning to have a conference with LA Marzulli who promotes the Roman Catholic Shroud of Turin. You also are having fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. You have been warned.

Who is this person and who are they accountable to?  The answer is no one.  Whoever this is, is a self-appointed judge and jury who NEVER attempts to contact the individuals he or she slanders.

Whatever happened to: Come let us reason together, or Iron sharpens iron?

Hit pieces like the one linked to are nothing short of character assassination.  There is another side to this and it is the red-letter warning which is nothing short of veiled threat.  What does this person intend to do to us?  Burn us at the stake in the local church parking lot?  People like this should be disciplined.  I wonder who this person is and whether they are man or woman enough to come forward and respond.  I’m thinking about contacting the host and lodging a formal complaint as Gonzo and others have been threatened.

In closing todays’ post:  I won’t belabor the point with another post, but decided to come to Gonzo’s defense, for as the scripture tells us. let another man defend you and not yourself.

Blogs like Ephesians 511, do a disservice to the body of Messiah.  They are nothing more than self-serving, hit pieces that seek to inflame.  They are filled with vituperative remarks which damage a person’s character without any real vetting.   In short, this person should  be ashamed of themselves.  They are the ones who need to repent.  So what do we do?  We pray for this person!

I would challenge all of you who are reading this to stop now and pray for this person.  Shower them in prayer throughout the day and let the Lord of Hosts and His Spirit deal with them.  As the scripture admonishes us: Pray for those who spitefully use you…..


Gony’s rebuttal!

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