Do you self-sabotage? By Linda Lange

27 Jun

Do you self-sabotage?

March 3, 2012

What exactly does it mean to self-sabotage? It means that we prevent good things from happening to us by our own actions, words, and deeds.

Why do we do this?

  • We prevent something good from happening, so that someone else won’t hurt us first.
  • Deep down inside we don’t feel like we deserve to be blessed
  • And if we are blessed, we wouldn’t know what to do with it and be in fear that it would be taken away anyway. So why set ourselves up for it in the first place, so we’d rather have nothing!

Wow… what a vicious cycle! Listening and responding to wrong thoughts is causing our problems. As you see, no one has done anything to us, we are doing this to ourselves! Jeremiah 5:25 says that we prevent good things from happening to us because of our sins and iniquities. So what is the sin here?  Pride and fear (to name a few), oh and unforgiveness is always in there somewhere too.

Let’s take a look at pride. We have ourself on our mind so much, that everything revolves around our feelings. And with that kind of pride comes self-pity! Ouch!

Let’s take a look at fear. Fear always comes when we don’t feel loved, understood, accepted and safe. And since self-sabotage describes a person who has all these things, we need to get rid of the fear that prompts us to self-sabotage. Because frankly, it’s all about relationships!

If we want to be free from these things and truly live in the abundance God has for us, we have to get RID of these file spirits that are working in our lives. We have to remember that these things that we have are NOT us… they are sins “IN” us. Paul even says it this way, “It’s not me, but the sin in me…” If we can get ahold of that, we can get rid of half our problems!

I’ve been ministering to an individual who has some self-pity. Self-pity causes us to self-sabotage! When I mentioned it, the ministry meeting was over… and he left the room. This was a clear indication that he was being deceived by the enemy. Caspar McCloud wrote a book called, “Exposing the Spirit of Self-Pity” and addresses these very things so we can get clean. But, those who are duped by this spirit don’t think THEY are the ones needing to change, it’s everyone else. Yet, when you mention that they may be blaming everyone else, they get defensive. This is a true indicator of self-pity. See, it’s because it’s hidden! No one wants to admit of having self-pity… that is even worse to admit than pride. But… in order to get free, we DO have to admit it! And remember, YOU are not self-pity, YOU are not pride, YOU are not fear, these are things (sins) working in your life. And what does God say about our sins? Recognize them, and repent!

To talk a bit more about self-pity: When we live with someone who has self-pity, they are always looking for sympathy. Someone to “understand” what has happened to them, and sit with them and allow them to suck their thumb. That is co-dependency and then we get into manipulation, we can’t have any part in that. The TRUTH is the only thing that will help get rid of this. But… self-pity will blind them. However, if the person pushes past and says, “Hey, maybe I’m the one causing my own problems” there is help for that person.

I remember when I was dating, I would break up with them before a holiday so they wouldn’t break up with me first! I was on a self-protection mode, which was really self-sabotaging, self-pity talking, and pride! Ouch, Ouch and Ouch!

But I was willing to see the truth IN me, and now that I know that these are NOT me… but sin IN me… then the ouching wasn’t so hard and was able to fight the battle with the Lord, and I got free.

Then, that particular individual began telling me the reason for their disease, and what was going on around them that caused them to get sick. See, that is self-pity and blame. Because if our immune system was working properly, most of our dis-eases would never come. Like I said moments ago, unforgiveness is in there somewhere, and we know it’s there if our immune system has been compromised. There is a slew of dis-eases from a compromised immune system. We have to forgive everyone, including ourselves.

Here is an example: A soldier who was traumatized in a war (and never was healed by the emotional wounding) can actually open themselves up for many dis-eases. Because they faced fear of dying/death, every day… don’t you think that would mess up someone’s immune system? Any time we have fear, anxiety and stress, it causes immune system deficiency, so then when we are exposed to a virus or chemical agent, we can be impacted by it. Or fear itself, can cause heart conditions. And because that individual survived, they have guilt and condemnation for living, and self-sabotages their lives because they don’t feel they deserve to have a life or be happy. This truly messes up with the immune system.

But, if their immune system was at its best, and they were able to forgive, love themselves, this person’s heart would have what it needed to defeat any virus or outside chemical from messing with them. Have you ever heard someone say “They are toxic?” That means they see so much “junk” in a person, and stay far from them. This “toxic” person has truly done it to themselves, through self-sabotaging! Too many people don’t see this, they choose to blame rather then roll up their sleeves and get to at exposing the enemy and destroying the works of darkness in their lives.

I hope today you have seen a little clearer into your life and the life of others, decide today to take the enemy down, and allow the Lord to reign in your heart and mind!

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