What people are saying about Pastor Caspar McCloud

24 Jun

Here is what people are saying about Pastor Caspar McCloud and the Ministry of THREE, Caspar’s music, and his ministry:

Dear Caspar,
My Mother-in-law had given your book” Nothing is Impossible”, to my husband, which I thought was funny because he is not a reader. I need to tell you, once I picked up your book I couldn’t put it down. You have made me think about our Lord and Jesus Christ in a way I have never thought of. Like you were, I admit I am still in a search for God, but I know now that it is not something that occurs overnight, it is a journey. I am finding that the more I learn the more I want to learn. And after reading your book, I am so inspired. Last week I officially accepted Jesus Christ into my heart by baptism, and I am on a path to enlightenment…..
Anyway if you ever come to Las Vegas, it would be an honor to meet you. God Bless!!
S. C Las Vegas.

Dear Caspar,
Thank you for coming to our fellowship to share your testimony, to share scripture, and call on the Holy Spirit to heal those in need. I have had a chance to listen to part of your music CD. It’s the first example that I have heard of real rock and roll gospel. You were a blessing to us and I hope to get a chance to see you again.
Dr.J. S

Dear Pastor Caspar,

My spirit is singing a new song!!! Literally

We were so blessed by your giving of yourselves to our lives on Sat. night! My soul is crying out to be filled over and over and you are part
of the renewal of my mind that God is leading me to.
D. D

“Dear Caspar,
I have a feeling that God is using you for a major outpouring of His Spirit and presence and possibly
another Brownsville, FL church revival. Only God knows who and how many will be touched by what we do, but we must learn to be obedient wherever He directs us.) This is not to ‘make you proud’ , but, from your testimony and your love for the Lord that comes through in your music, emails, etc., I
REALLY think that the Lord will be using you to reach many in a truly totally life changing way (metanoia in Greek), as long as your attitude keeps in line with Him and His Word.
We’ll be praying for you and your ministry. God bless you and your family mightily!
In Christ,
Greencastle, PA

“Caspar Wow. You are Amazing. God is going out of His way to let you know that you have a
special anointing!!!!!!!! I am really, really glad that God is raising up
battle axes like you to tell the people the truth. It’s about time!

“Article: Story of a friend raised from the dead
Dear Seth, around 1998 and 99 you wanted me to meet Caspar McCloud. I forgot exactly why but I had met him and his family in late 2000 by divine appointment. I thought it was just like being with Jesus. I heard him in a mini concert and he was phenomenal. I was blown away by his artistic talent.
Then, about a couple years ago TBN did a story on him. He shared how God completely healed him and how he didn’t have to take heart medicine anymore.
That was an awesome testimony of God’s power and love.
J. P

Dear Pastor Caspar,
I wanted to give you an update on my health status. My apologies for not emailing you sooner. As usual, I am letting work get in the way of some things but I’m purposing to be more mindful of that this year.

I have seen a complete turn around these last 3 months since you ministered to me. Even my symptoms from this summer have gone away. I have had 3 months of regular 28 day cycles. I have had no pain due to the fibroids at all. I was hesitant to proclaim a “miracle” at first because it was a monthly issue. So I waited for a 3 month marker just to be sure. My mom and I decided to forgo the surgery over the holidays.

I know this was not the result of any medicines or work on my behalf. It’s weird to receive a miracle. One doesn’t get an email or a note in the mail saying “You’re healed”. But I have definitely seen a change in my health for the better. I attribute all of that to prayer and faith in healing. Thanks again for all of you help, prayers, thoughts, and concerns for me over the past few months. I’m sure our paths shall cross again. Take care!


Here is a short explanation of what transpired here to go along with this letter from Stephanie.
A very bright young man who was an engineer I was witnessing to brought me a young women to talk to me one night as I was getting ready to leave my office and go home as it was already 9pm He simply introduce her as one of his co workers and quickly disappeared back out the door.
Now my heart is to minister and pray for anyone the Lord puts in front of me, yet it is our strict policy that we minister two by two.
However at 9pm on a Thursday night I did not have opportunity to call for one of my trained ministers or friends to come and help.
I felt the Lord tell me to ask this young women to drive down the street to a Star Bucks and we could meet there as I was the last one in the building this night.
Sitting in a very crowded Star Bucks as she told me about the tumors the doctors had discovered in her uterus and I soon discovered the roots of her problem.
Stephanie was about 25 years old and wanted to have children someday in near future, the doctors wanted to removed her female parts to be able to do what God designed her to do.
As soon as I explained to her what was behind the real issues and touched on the place in her heart where the devil had a legal right to her she burst into tears.

I suppose the people sitting near us thought she was perhaps my mistress and I was ending the relationship. Fortunately I do not really care what anyone there thought about the scene taking place.
I lead Stephanie in a prayer to repent for her participation with fellowshipping with devils and then by an act of the Holy Spirit as I laid my hands on her the Lord performed a creative miracle and did a creative cure.

As so often the case I did not hear back from Stephanie, but saw her friend that introduced us some months later and inquired about how she was doing?
Anyway I pray this blesses you and encourages you to read as it blessed Stephanie to receive.
Pastor Caspar
Upper Room Roswell GA

Dear Caspar,
We do have one of your new books, but I like to have a book for each of us so when we want to make notes we will have our book to make notes.
By the way, I forgot to tell you, I went to the doctor yesterday and she listened to my heart and said I no longer had an irregular heart. I already knew that after you prayed for me, but it’s always nice to get confirmation.
In Christ,
From Dallas TX

Pastor Casper, I was on Ustream when you visited John Aldridge. John ministers to me and i am so thankful for not only Pastor John but you as well Casper. I first saw you in Georgia at FML in October 2008..I have been walking out of much devastation and MSC/EI..I ask God to bless you and your family each day. Thank you for caring so deeply for all Of God’s Children Pastor McCloud….. I shall want to get your book. Love & Blessings..Gina

I was ministering to a woman yesterday and telling her my testimony. Part of my testimony is being delivered from meth by your husband, not to mention all the wonderful things beinhealth did for me. Anyway, I don’t think I told Pastor Casper what was going through my mind as I sat there looking into his eyes with that “damn” thing manifesting in me. hahaha… I can’t laugh now, but at the time “It” was telling me to spit in his face. Well, I’d never spit in someone’s face so I started laughing instead. Your husband persisted in driving “It” out of me until my laughter turned to tears and peace came over me.
Let me tell you what happened after that though. I left the church and on the way home I got a phone call from a woman I used to use with. She invited me over to “share” with her. I declined and went home. The very next day I got a text message from an old highschool buddy who I never even used with before, inviting me over for the same thing. I couldn’t believe how hard the enemy was working to get me to fall. The next day that guy went to prison for selling meth. How GREAT IS OUR GOD! I’ve never touched it again and I’m am full of the Holy Spirit… PRAISE GOD!
This is bringing tears to my eyes right now. If you want to share my testimony to help others please fill free to do so.
I thank God for you and Pastor Casper and all the folks at beinhealth. Where would I be right now if God wasn’t using you as a vessel.
Keep up the good works and I’m doing the same now.

A. S Talks about the Upper Room in Roswell GA.

Last year God brought me to a small church for mid-week meetings,and now I am going on Sunday. This church is incredible. The people there genuinely love and care about each other. This body of believers prays for each other like no other church I have ever seen. I don’t see cliques. This church practices forgiveness and unconditional love. My pastor gives more Scriptures in his sermons to back up everything he is saying, so we know it is not him, but the Word of God. He studies and then presents only the truth in the Bible. How grateful and refreshing it is to see a pastor preach only truth, not preach what people “feel good’ about.
I think more pastors should be approachable like Pastor Caspar. I think it’s awesome how people can talk openly to him and not be judged and get help…..that’s not in a lot of churches. In so many churches it is almost impossible to even have a discussion with the pastor….

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