Rolling Stones Manager Eliot Goldstein on Caspar McCloud

24 Jun

From Eliot Goldstein
May 26, 2010

To Whom it may concern,

I first met Caspar McCloud when he was rehearsing at SIR studios as one of the John Lennon’s in the original cast members of the Broadway show Beatlemania in NYC. At the time we met I was working with Michael Shrieve of Santana’s and his new band NOVO COMBO. We all realized that Caspar was quite a talent and Michael Shrieve invited him to jam one night with his band along with Pat Thrall, who was voted guitarist of the year.

Caspar rather amazed us with his musically abilities and we all realized he had more to offer the world then just being a fake Beatle clone. Michael Shrieve helped convince Caspar to soon leave the Broadway production before he got type cast as a Beatle the rest of life, and they headed to Jimi Hendrix studio Electric Ladyland to lay down some of Caspars songs with Shrieve producing. Caspar ended up moving back to England soon after that and continued recording there with Michael Ward ( aka Michael Wadada) who took over as manager and producer.

I recall Caspar saying being in Beatlemania was only one step higher than being an Elvis impersonator. I think he was uncomfortable with being in a cover tribute band before that idea got popular, being the prolific songwriter he is he had much to share with us. After his attorney lost a record deal with Sir Richard Branson at Virgin Records by making too many demands on the label, Caspar found himself on the Atlantic Records roster with CEO and music legend, Ahmet Ertgun, producing. Mind you Ahmet only worked with the finest talents ranging from John Coltrane, Areatha Franklin, Ray Charles to Eric Clapton – Cream and The Rolling Stones.

Sadly Caspar suffered a number of personal setbacks at that time, his dad was murdered in the middle of recording his debut album with Atlantic, which seemed to have a very unfortunate effect on him and his career. He started suffering from various health problems , which prevented him from making the sort of impact that we had hoped he could have achieved on the world of music.

I have known him for over 30 some years and he is a good and kind person, a man of faith in his belief as a Christian and a real gentle man. He truly believes that his Lord has healed him and restored him and now I know he feels that the Lord uses him to help many people. He now devotes much of his time and talents serving as a pastor, trying to help other learn some of the hard lessons that he had learned along the path.

I just want to set the record straight because I witnessed and was personally involved with Caspar and remain a close friend of his to this day Individuals who do not know the facts and have written lies and distortion about this man of God should be brought into the light. I wish that there were more individuals like Caspar in the world. Things would be much brighter and peaceful.

Very truly yours,

Eliot GoldsteinTour Assistance and Coordination

Club and Stadium Tours
Included diversified acts
U-2, Rolling Stones Metallica, Ozzfest, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, etc.
Independent Record Producer
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